Senior Management Skills

Course Title: Senior Management Skills.
For whom
Anyone who is new to, or will soon be in a Senior Management role.
Course Overview:
Making the move from Middle to Senior Management requires skill honing. The ability to lead rather than do, to
think more about long term issues than short term, whilst still ensuring short term targets are met. Think more
strategically about adding value to the organization.
This two (2) days course is designed for existing Senior Managers that wish to improve their current skills, learn new
ones and add more real value to the organization. The course is designed to be as practical as possible. The
programme format includes individual and group discussions, simulation exercises and input from the course leader.
This course has been designed for experienced managers. It can be presented at different levels according to the
skills of the delegates.
Course Outline
Selling Core Values
- What can be gained by selling these values
- A 'No' blame culture
Management Skills
- Important attributes of managers
- Managing: Down, Up and Sideways
Leading and Developing your Team
- Task v team v individual
- Making motivation work
Advanced Communication Skills
- Face-to-face skills
Managing Your Subordinates to Manage You
- What people expect from their bosses
- Where do bosses go wrong
How to Run Successful Meetings
- Types of meeting
- Planning and setting the right agenda
- Recognizing stress
- Dealing with stress
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
- How to manage their subordinates
- How to run successful meetings
- Deal with stress in the workplace

- Develop an effective team
- Duration: 2 days (No of participants per session: 10-20)
- *When: See 2013 Schedule at the end of this document
- *Where: Abuja / Lagos/ Port Harcourt, Warri. (Exact Venue to be advised)
- * Courses can be custom arranged to suit your organizations needs