Conflict Management

Course Title: Conflict Management
For whom
This course is designed for all employees to facilitate understanding conflict, detecting signs of conflict escalation,
responding to such signs with appropriate action and finally using effective techniques to resolve the conflict.
Conflicts can be hard. We get so emotional that sometimes we feel we can’t take it at all. Do you know anyone who is
good at conflict management? Do you admire them? Many get so emotional that they feel they can’t even say a
single word. Others may rely on a simple age-old technique of silence treatment, which doesn’t really do them or
others any good.
This course focuses on positive and productive aspects of conflicts and explains how we can benefit from situations
which are often perceived as negative and destructive. Conflicts, if managed correctly, increase understanding and
wisdom. Delegates will be introduced to a variety of psychological tactics sometimes used by others as a way to
create a conflict. Understanding such tactics and mind games enables one to prepare and respond effectively in order
to prevent a conflict. The training will be handled by experienced professionals will be interactive and promises to be
exciting to all participants.
Course Outline
What is Conflict?
- How conflicts evolve?
- What is the life cycle of conflicts?
How to Handle Conflicts?
- How to decline a request while avoiding conflicts?
- What is an effective conflict resolution process?
How to Manage Emotions?
- How emotions affect discussions?
- How to use anger management in resolving conflicts?
How to Respond to Escalating Situations?
- What approaches are used in a discussion to win the conflict?
- Learn how to react to arrogance, vague statements, personality attacks, exaggerations and many other
commonly used tactics in conflict.
How to Negotiate?
- How to negotiate effectively to get to a win/win outcome?
- What is Organizational Conflict and what are the 6 ways you can use to manage it?
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
- Recognise conflicts and their escalation over time so you can address them more effectively
- Select an appropriate conflict resolution style based on your needs to get maximum results.
- Recognize Tactical Approaches used when interacting with others that may lead to conflicts and take
appropriate steps to avoid a conflict developing.
- Negotiate over what you want and move on to a win/win outcome
- Prevent destructive conflicts at the workplace
Duration: 2 days (No of participants per session: 10 -20)
*When: See 2013 Schedule at the end of this document
*Where: Abuja / Lagos/ Port Harcourt, Warri. (Exact Venue to be advised)