Stress & Time Management

Course Title: Stress & Time Management Training.
For whom
This training course is for anyone who feels 'swamped' with their workload and need effective tools for
managing their time and work more efficiently and for anyone needing to lower their stress levels in order
to work more effectively.
"When you are in charge of your time, you are in charge of your life" is a quote from Alan Lakein.
This course will give you the Time Management tools to help you control and manage your time better
which in turn helps to reduce your stress levels. It also looks at ways and methods of controlling and
reducing the anxiety caused by stress.
The course is packed with exercises, relevant case studies and role plays that enables delegates to
understand the methods better and practice them immediately after introduction. Optional activities and
exercises are also provided to easily extend the course and adjust the pace for different needs.
Course Outline
- Time / life balance
- Work/ Life Balance
- Planning ahead
- Prioritising your workload
- Where do you spend your time?
- The 'Pareto Principle' 80/20 rule
- Goal Setting
- The art of delegation
- Time wasters and how to deal with them
- Top tips for improving your Time Management
- Understanding and managing 'Stress' effectively
- Trigger factors
- De-stressing techniques
- Look good to feel good
- Stress Questionnaire
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
- Recognize signs of stress
- Manage stress effectively
- Conduct an effective meetings on time
- Prioritise schedules
Duration: 2 days (No of participants per session: 10 - 20)
*When: See 2013 Schedule at the end of this document