General consultancy Services

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)
1. EDMS Landscaping and Architecting
2. EDMS Scoping & Deployment
3. Business Process Modeling and Improvement
4. Business Process Automation
5. Project Management
6. Solution Adoption, Penetration, and change management
Petroleum consulting Activities
7. Field decommissioning studies
8. Green house gas emission studies
9. Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Studies
10. Site rehabilitation studies & implementation

General consulting Activities
1. Organizational Improvement Studies
2. Company Reorganization/Business Reengineering
3. Organizational Reporting
a. Developing standard templates
b. Building reports to meet management internal & external objectives
4. Mapping and formalising company processes, improvement for efficiency.
5. Building training Matrix for each discipline and for different career progression.
6. Team building Services
7. Developing custom software to automate and facilitate various tasks
a. Financial / Accounting
b. Payroll management
c. Training management
d. Personal record management
e. Automation of routine reports

Recruitment Services
 Adverts
 Shortlisting for tests and interviews
 Recruitment tests
 Interviews
 Selection & Recommendation
 Training Plans