Field Decommissioning Services

Field Decommissioning Studies
The Environmental Guideline and Standards for Petroleum Industry in Nigeria (EGASPIN) 2002 is
complement to other laws on decommissioning and site restoration activity in Nigeria. It states that
decommissioning programmes shall be planned; the objectives and implementation drawn up during the
project initiation and design phases. Such decommissioning objectives / activities shall incorporate
remediation / restoration programmes. The decommissioning plan according to EGASPIN should have as
 Peculiarity of the project
 The degree of abandonment (partial / wholly)
 Methods to be used for removal of the structure (explosives, mechanical, cutting, touches, high
pressure jetting etc.)
 Verification of methods when used
 Disposal of removed structures, debris and associated wastes
 Environmental protection / monitoring (EIA and / or, ERR, Restoration and Remediation plans.
Toplead proposes a methodology in line with international practice to be approved by client, alternatively
Toplead adopts company’s in-house methodology.
1. Cost estimates
a. Wells (producing & exploration)
b. Surface installations
c. Pipelines
d. Borrow pits
2. Work schedule
a. Activity
b. Planning