Information security management Training Abuja / Lagos/ Port Harcourt, Warri

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
* Courses can be custom arranged to suit your organizations needs
– Manage organization information securely from unauthorized users
– Classify information asset based on different risk category
– Develop information management policy and Governance
*Where: Abuja / Lagos/ Port Harcourt, Warri. (Exact Venue to be advised)


All employees in the organization that manage information assets.
– Understanding the value of organization’s information
– What vulnerabilities are prevalent in information system?
Course Overview:
– Understanding the magnitude of dangers posed by risks and allocating
resources to manage the risk
The information asset of an organization is as equally important as the financial bank assets.
This course examines how to properly classify and valuate information assets, perform a
business impact analysis, and the principles of disaster recovery. You will learn about the
options available to deal with risk, effective controls, and ways to ensure your risk management
program is integrated into your organization’s other life-cycle processes. You will also examine
the many responsibilities of an information security manager related to risk monitoring and
reporting. This course is designed to help organizations understand and respond to factors that
may lead to a failure in the confidentiality, integrity or availability of an information asset.
Risk Assessment
– Assessing risk
– Identifying vulnerabilities
Understanding Information Security Risk Management
Course Outline
Why Managing your company Information
– Information security policy
Information Management Governance
– Management Support
– How to identify threat to information system?

– Identify organization information as company assets
Duration: 2 days (No of participants per session: 10-20)
*When: See 2013 Schedule at the end of this document

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